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Pedigree Pedicures And Much, Much More

At Cabrillo, we love animals. We love their fur, their paws, even their ears, but mostly, we love getting them to trust us with the maintenance of their hygiene. By identifying and minimizing stressors, we provide an environment where your pet can have an opportunity to enjoy the grooming process. From our spacious Doggie Suites to our noise cancelling Comfort Hoodies, we believe that with enough time and exposure, we can build a lifelong bond with your pet!



  • Baths
  • Furmination
  • Skin Care
  • Shampoos
  • Flea Treatments
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trims
  • Teeth Cleaning




About Will Bright and his Grooming Talent

Will has been grooming professionally since 2009, previously starting with his own beloved Miniature Poodle “Weenie”. Specializing in Poodles, Bichon Frise and Doodle trims, he has focused mainly on scissor work, structure, breed standards and projecting calming energy. It is much easier to groom a dog or cat if they are calm and comfortable, with this in mind, he proactively looks for and minimizes stressors. These include spraying water, loud noises and excessive brushing. This is prioritized over all other aspects of the grooming process, including client requests. Humanity over vanity!


A Clean Pet is a Healthy Pet!

A Veterinarian’s Approach to Hygiene

MediSpa: Our Spa process is Veterinarian developed with a Health Maintenance approach to Coat, Periodontal, Ear and Nail Care. Expertly trained by Registered Veterinary Technicians, our Spa Staff uses state of the art equipment in giving your pet the most salubrious maintenance possible. As an added benefit, our staff is trained to do a full Ear, Skin and Dental inspection with the results added to our exclusive personalized Grooming Report. Any urgent conditions discovered can usually be seen by the Veterinarian the same day!

Everyone in our facility is certified in Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid. This facility is a certified FEMA Animals in Disaster Incident Recovery Center.


MediSpa Services:

  • Ear hair removal as well as a medicated flush and cleaning
  • Nails trimmed carefully and neatly
  • Teeth brushed, full Periodontal inspection with recommendations
  • Washing with hypoallergenic shampoo until the water rinses clear
  • A conditioned rinse and blow out to hydrate the skin and hair
  • Final fluff dry to make your pooch as cuddly as ever
  • Brushing and combing, for lightly tangled pets, or deshedding



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Grooming is an Art Form!

We Pursue Excellence

With exacting skill and experienced scissor work, we continuously pursue excellence in everything from breed standards to creative ideas. We attend trade show lectures, attend AKC events and Grooming Competitions to support an ever growing knowledge of breed structures, coat types, tools and all things associated with your pet’s best look and feel.


Competitive Grooming Discounts:

  • Best in Show Discount: 30% for every week
  • Pampered Pet Discount: 20% for every 2 weeks
  • Maintenance Discount: 10% for every 4 weeks


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